Quality Assurance philosophy practiced by Motion Technologies is guided by twin principles of "Optimum products for intended applications" and "Right First-time".

Time tested process of QA have resulted in preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and delivering right solutions to customers, which according to ISO is "part of Quality Management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements are fulfilled." Failure Testing, Statistical Control and Total Quality Management are the tools which ensures compliance to the quality objectives of the Company.

We adopt both "Quality Assurance" and "Quality Control" parameters in our manufacturing activities. While Quality Assurance is achieved through implementation of inspection and structured testing, the Quality Control aspects encompasses factors such as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. This is a data-driven quality strategy for improving processes.

Quality Assurance is due to administrative, technical and procedural activities implemented in Quality System of the Company so that requirements of the customers are appropriately met. It is a systematic measurement and comparison with a standard monitoring of process and an associated feedback loop for error prevention. QA includes management of quality of raw materials, products, assemblies related to production and inspection processes. The Quality Control focuses on process output.

Following are the key-factors which are in place for achieving the Quality Policy of the Company.

Employing appropriate Materials, Process and Methods.

Time tested and reliable Inspection Techniques.

Availability of Precision Measuring Instruments and Gauges to ensure specified geometry and dimensions.

Usage of 3D CMM, Surface Plate and Environment chamber (-40 to +100° C).

Line inspection throughout the machining process.

To summarize our Quality Assurance philosophy, "while the task of engineering is to make a products to work first-time, the task of Quality Assurance is make it work all the times".


AS 9001C certified.

IATF16949 certified.